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One of the most requested services from BLC.
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It isn’t too late to mitigate compliance audit risk

One of the most requested services from BLC clients is Software Audit Defense. Software is an essential component of all business operations; yet, many companies do not have an effective software asset management practice. In fact, most companies lack even a rudimentary understanding of their software ownership or deployment and are unprepared for a software audit.

Reliance on typical software discovery tools can create a false understanding of deployments and compliance. These tools provide an incomplete view of deployment and license entitlement. Un-vetted cooperation with auditors can result in sharing inaccurate, unnecessary, or even confidential information. Auditors, in nearly every BLC case study, reach invalid conclusions that inflate compliance violations.

A software audit is financially devastating when the customer is unable to confirm license ownership or definitively specify the deployment strategy and footprint. A poor or missing software asset management practice almost always results in unnecessary expense related to over-deployment and increased exposure.

It isn’t too late to mitigate compliance audit risk. To effectively manage software compliance companies must gather and analyze information regarding product usage, deployment, and entitlement. Choices will need to be made regarding the most effective way to allocate software licenses. When necessary, additional entitlement of the correct type will need to be purchased.

BLC will help you prepare for a vendor SAM or compliance audit

You will be well prepared for a vendor SAM or compliance audit if you have full command of:

  • Product usage and deployment strategy
  • License types and entitlement
  • Server and workstation hardware inventory
  • Virtualization footprint
  • Hosted or shared environment detail
  • Software deployment versions, location, and counts
  • Trends and changes in strategy and deployment
  • User types, locations, and counts
  • Vendor license and purchase agreement terms

BLC provides a Software Compliance Review service giving you confidence that you have full command of your software compliance situation. If you have already received an audit letter from a software vendor, BLC will perform an Audit Defense Service to assure that the vendor audit is conducted accurately and that you are able to mitigate risk and achieve the best outcome.

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