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Asset management in a dynamic IT environment with legacy and third-party solutions can be challenging. The many moving parts – multiple providers, agreements, business units, applications, purchases, deployments, disposals – can have asset managers feeling overwhelmed or unsure about the accuracy and impact of asset management system reporting.

Whether during implementation of SAM and ITAM tools or as a reset and recalibration, BLC analyzes and documents a complete picture of the environment. We also assist with process development to maintain integrity and reporting that harnesses the power of the asset management system.

We understand that while ITAM and SAM tools are capable of calculating asset quantities from numerous input sources, standardized approaches do not bring the intelligence to apply product use rights, detailed proper versioning and application of the myriad of license agreement arrangements. BLC closes that gap and aligns license quantities to prevent over-purchase expense or under-purchase compliance risk.

BLC Software Asset Management Service

Accurate ITAM and SAM Tools | Implementation or Recalibration

Asset management programs can be effective for monitoring and reporting analytics on product use, ownership and license compliance, optimization and audit defense. An optimal implementation and process yields critical information for management, governance and financial forecasting.

The foundation for effective asset management is a complete and accurate capture of asset inventory and environment. Building on that are processes to manage transactions across the technology lifecycle and reporting.

BLC can assist during asset management system implementation or as a recalibration to data in existing systems by developing a comprehensive footprint analysis that provides a clear and complete picture of the environment, utilization, licenses and commitments, including:

  • Assets, licenses and configuration data
  • Agreements, entitlements, allocation
  • Mapping equipment and software on the network and in storage
  • Deployment patterns, including upgrade and adoption patterns
  • Technology utilization and license compliance
  • Configuration standards and governance
  • Cross-platform licensing implications, license ownership records

Process Development for Ongoing Asset Management

Accurate and complete data sets the foundation for asset management, and clear, well documented processes to update the SAM or ITAM tool supports data integrity. We utilize best practices for process development while recognizing the unique needs of each of our clients. The processes and procedures we co-create are unique and responsive to each organization’s needs.

Asset Management Reporting for Governance, Compliance and Opportunities

Asset management systems hold a wealth of information that can yield insights and provide a strategic advantage. BLC supports report development across multiple aspects and perspectives:


  • Key metrics for determining ROI, full costs, benchmarking and performance
  • Valuation
  • Streamlining opportunities


  • Forecasting, budgeting and financial modeling
  • Asset ownership transparency
  • Forecasting and Budgeting

Compliance & Risk Management

  • Software license compliance quantification
  • Supporting documentation for software audit defense
  • A complete inventory supports the ability to monitor security threats

Negotiation leverage

  • Understanding where there are over or under-deployments is critical for an optimized environment, controlling costs and achieving the initial goals of outsourcing
  • Asset monitoring can identify contract negotiation leverage through opportunities to standardize or right-size license quantities

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Partnering with BLC puts your resources to their highest use: Your teams stay focused on mission-based, profitable and strategic initiatives while we focus on savings. Those savings can then be directed to priorities within IT, organizationally, or to the bottom line.

Maximizing value is all we do: We review and negotiate hundreds of license and maintenance agreements, true-ups, audits and proposals annually. Individual organizations manage these events as they arise - we see them every day.

Broad insight: Our clients span a wide range of industries including healthcare, insurance, education, banking, logistics and retail. With over a decade of experience, we have insight into best-in-class agreements, arrangements and solutions to position IT as a value-driving entity.