About BLC

BLC is a boutique technology services company specializing in Software Audit Defense, License Optimization and Overpayment Recovery. Since 2009 we have generated savings in excess of $800 million for our clients.

Our Mission

We improve our clients bottom line by optimizing the technology environment.

Our Vision

To maximize the value in your technology investment wherever you are in your IT lifecycle.

Our Mix for Success
Licensing Expertise and Vendor Experience60%
Consensus Building20%
Holistic Approach20%

Partnering with BLC puts your resources to their highest use: Your teams stay focused on mission-based, profitable and strategic initiatives while we focus on savings. Those savings can then be directed to priorities within IT, organizationally, or to the bottom line.

Maximizing value is all we do: We review and negotiate hundreds of license and maintenance agreements, true-ups, audits and proposals annually. Individual organizations manage these events as they arise - we see them every day.

Broad insight: Our clients span a wide range of industries including healthcare, insurance, education, banking, logistics and retail. With over a decade of experience, we have insight into best-in-class agreements, arrangements and solutions to position IT as a value-driving entity.