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For over a decade, BLC has partnered with clients to reduce the cost of their technology spend, improving bottom line results while adding transparency and clarity to optimize their investment.

With increasingly complex software licensing models and a rapidly changing IT landscape of traditional, virtual, hybrid and emerging environments, our expertise can identify savings opportunities, reduce compliance exposure and provide the insight for continued cost containment.

We bring extensive knowledge, specialized acumen and broad experience to reduce spending in all major IT categories
  • Hardware (e.g., Dell, Cisco, EMC)
  • Software (e.g., Microsoft, SalesForce, IBM, Cisco, SAP, Epic, Adobe, Citrix, GE Healthcare)
  • Cloud-based software as a service (SaaS)
  • Cloud data management (e.g., Azure, AWS)

Our approach

  • Low disruption- We do the heavy lifting with minimal time from your IT and Finance teams.
  • High impact - Savings of 20-40% are typical
  • Vendor agnostic - As an independent advisor, we are solely focused on client interests. Clients can retain or consider changing their existing vendor relationships based on their preferences and needs.
  • Cost effective - A contingency engagement model means that BLC is paid based on the savings we generate. Our earnings are based on your success.

The BLC method

The BLC method yields lasting cost savings, optimizes license agreements and supports positive, transparent and productive vendor relationships.

BLC Process


The assessment phase is best described as forensic analytics to establish the current state and affix a starting point for following phases.

  • Review agreements (price/quantity/product types, term, licence types, SLAs)
  • Document environment - on-prem, cloud, multiple data centers if applicable
  • Capture deployments and commitments


In the analysis phase, we use a data science approach, combined with expertise in Product Use Rights to develop analytics for evidence-based decision making and action.

  • Develop ELP (enterprise license position)
  • Inspect maintenance agreements relative to inventory and opportunities for renegotiated rates
  • Gap analysis, potential redundancies
  • Vendor pricing to agreements
  • Vendor competition landscape
  • Utilization - Evaluate the data gathered in the assessment phase to identify and document deployments and commitments
  • Options - leverage opportunities, rebundling, utilization strategies


Having developed a complete picture during the assessment and analysis, we draw upon our industry insight, best practices and proven methods to recommend options, share observations and collaborate on a project path and action plan.

  • Provide complete analytics of current state
  • Present options for savings, drawing on our experience and insight
  • Walk through options analysis, saving targets and timeline
  • Formulate vendor messaging plan
  • Develop action plan


A BLC engagement is a collaborative partnership throughout the execution of your action plan. Unlike firms that simply deliver a whitepaper or make a broad statement that your vendor spend falls within benchmarks, BLC is committed throughout each of the phases to your organization’s unique goals and to achieve immediate and lasting results.

  • Participate in vendor discussions regarding selected options, challenged vendor assumptions or pricing not in accordance with license agreements.
  • Remain engaged through client-vendor agreement and option implementation
  • Our clients retain all documentation of the project and agreements, to continue to monitor adherence and future cost control.
  • A documented Enterprise License Position can also mitigate the compliance exposure and risk from a vendor software audit.
  • The outcome of the engagement includes a proactive strategy of cost optimization, resource allocation, clarity and transparency that gives finance and technology leaders comprehensive and detailed information to continue to drive greater value.

Connect with us Engagement Models

Partnering with BLC puts your resources to their highest use: Your teams stay focused on mission-based, profitable and strategic initiatives while we focus on savings. Those savings can then be directed to priorities within IT, organizationally, or to the bottom line.

Maximizing value is all we do: We review and negotiate hundreds of license and maintenance agreements, true-ups, audits and proposals annually. Individual organizations manage these events as they arise - we see them every day.

Broad insight: Our clients span a wide range of industries including healthcare, insurance, education, banking, logistics and retail. With over a decade of experience, we have insight into best-in-class agreements, arrangements and solutions to position IT as a value-driving entity.